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Testimonials for Wildwood Navigation

Here is a sample of the comments we get from our clients:

"You teach in a very friendly and informal way, openly invite questions and allow mistakes to happen (within the bounds of safety), thereby allowing the student to learn from them rather than just correcting them. You were very flexible and were able to tailor the course to the varied abilities of the group. The course was everything I was expecting and so much more. I have come away not only with the skills I need to navigate, but the confidence to do it. No more blindly following the rest of the group. Tuition was put across in a friendly and fun way, with good banter between staff and attendees. The weather helped too! ... scenery was fantastic and I will be looking at other courses in the future." (Mountain Navigation course) - W. Frost

"Tim was endlessly patient; a clear, precise teacher; friendly and good fun. We couldn't have asked for more. He was fun to spend the day with as well as being calm and very well prepared. Given that when I arrived I couldn't even use a compass but the next day we were navigating around the Forest without much hesitation by ourselves I can only say 'Brilliant'. It was exactly what I wanted to know. I got stuck in a bog at the end and ended up soaked through, but it all added to the experience and was a valuable lesson. Tim handled it calmly and professionally and was prepared, even having Hobnobs and a shelter to hand. Fantastic. Lots of different terrains and techniques covered in a very small area. Tim even had his van to give us tea and biscuits at the beginning and end! He packed in a huge amount of info in a short space of time. As we could remember most of it the next day it demonstrates how good the day and his teaching and prep was! I will have no hesitation recommending it to friends. " C. Starling

"Tim explained things well - and as many times as we needed. Good mix of theory and practice throughout the day. He spent time with all participants and valued everyone's contribution. The course has given me the information and skills I need and the confidence to use them effectively. The time went really quickly - thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked Tim letting us make mistakes and learning from them, and the time taken when out on a walk to stop and review what we had learned and apply it. I would thoroughly recommend it - Tim was a great course leader - thank you." - J. Ankrah

"The course was both interesting and enjoyable.. would definately consider doing the silver award in the future" - D. Hussey

"I know it was last November, but I just wanted to thank you again for the navigation course. I recently took a solo trip up in the Lake District and spent two days out on the hills. Thanks to the things I learnt on your course I was more than confident navigating my way round, even when the route on the map completely disappeared on the ground, I was happy to take a bearing and follow it. I was totally chuffed when through the ferns and over the ridge appeared the only gate in a very big stone wall. I would never have had the confidence or ability to do this a year ago. " - W. Frost

"We have already used the skills learned and would never have undertaken such a walk before the course. We felt confident and safe with our children - so the course has meet our requirements brilliantly." - A. Gibbons

"Very enjoyable, look forward to undertaking the NNAS Silver & Gold." - N. Tharme

"...on Monday (following the course) I plotted a walk, took bearings, even though I knew where I was, visualised route ahead and thumbed my way across the map. This brought great joy and pleasure to me as I looked for hand rails and located small ponds etc. For the first time I felt that I could have actually no problem walking in this area of ours. Loved it" - D. Peak

"Everybody was friendly and really helped each other learn rather than being competitive. Leon was a really good, patient teacher who encouraged and helped each individual. He made sure each person understood every aspect of it. It was an added bonus that Leon picked mushrooms which we tried for lunch, too - great! The best day out I've had for a long time. And I learnt loads.The sunny weather did help, of course!" - N. Medlic

"Good foundation course for map reading & using compass" - G. Batten

"Excellent and good value for money" - J. Taylor

"The whole thing was great, including the toilet! Just the right amount of information with plenty of opportunity to practice. thanks" - S. Smithies

"Tutor was a good teacher - was able to respond to individual needs. I would recommend as an introduction to navigation" - S. Glover

"An excellent introduction to navigation skills which taught me many things I did not know. Very enjoyable indeed." - S. Moore

"I felt that I had really not justified my Bronze certificate awarded after a two day residential course in Derbyshire last year [with a different Navigation school]. My day with Leon brought me to where I should have been" - P.Wilson



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